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Best Price Guaranteed

We GUARANTEE to pay you more than webuyanycar on all cars under £10k, adjusted for condition and on a like for like basis.
We can achieve this because we won’t send your car to auction but retail it directly ourselves which cuts out the middleman and we can pass the savings on to you. Join over a 500+ customers from the Cambridge area that we have helped over the years achieve a better price for their car through direct purchase or part exchange.

We NEED your car

We have a large retail forecourt we need to fill with cars like yours and we are constantly buying cars. Our professional buying team will be walked seamlessly through the whole process ensuring that you get a fair price with no hassle and the money in your bank while-you-wait.

Fair Pricing

We will appraise your car in a fair, honest and transparent way. We won’t give you a highly inflated price and then haggle the price down which is so common with the online automated pricing. And unlike our competitors we don’t charge any fees. The price you’re offered is the price we pay and there are no fees.

Instant Payment (While-you-wait)

We will transfer the full payment for your car straight into your bank account while-you-wait. There is no charge for this service as we want all customers to be satisfied that they have the money safely in their accounts before they leave.

Finance Cleared

If you have finance outstanding we can liaise directly with the finance company and pay them the outstanding balance. Any equity that is left over will be paid directly to you. We will provide proof of both payments so you have the peace of mind that you have successful cleared the outstanding finance.

Cars Collected from your home

If you can’t get the car to us because it’s not insured or run out of MOT then we can collect locally in the Cambridge and surrounding area